Why buy from local Thai Company?

Hotel pickup and comfortable transportation for Individual site visits with our team of Local Experts.

• Understand your criteria & investment purpose
• Customized investment strategy and advisory
• Fair market pricing and safe deal structure
• Detailed sales process guidance and assistance
• Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Thai, Russian

• Transfer Ownership & Defects Inspection 

• Quick Furnishing, Build-in & Decorations

• Property Rental & Management Service 

• Re-Sales and Property Investment Exit

• Bank Acc Opening &  Mortgage Assistance 

• Local Tax and Legal Advisory

• VISA Assistance & Legal Consultancy 

• Full Migration Planning & Relocation


There are certain pitfalls when buying property in Thailand. Buying Real Estate is an experience that should be taken with some advanced planning and forethought

Many foreigners purchased Thai property from overseas agents which might be smooth in the beginning but not at the END, why we say so?

There are few points which could be handled and successfully completed by LOCAL team ONLY.

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​Our company “BEYOND DECOR” is The Leader of Furniture & Electrical Package Solutions in Bangkok!

ONE-STOP SERVICE For your Bangkok property. 

Our designed packages based on tenants’ targets, gives your unit unique look & quicker rentability


• We handle Full Process on behalf of you.

• Save your time, money and hassles.

• Free design, measurements, delivery & assembly.

• 100% Factory custom made furniture for your unit.

• Production and Move-in within 2 weeks.

• Own factory = high quality + below market prices.