Pre-Sales Services

Due Diligence – Marketing research to fit environmental analysis and Estate Agent Authority

Excellent Product Knowledge And Understanding of Market Trend

International Project branding

Project Positioning on International Scale

Preparation of Marketing strategies, campaigns and materials.


Sales Services

International Sales & Project Marketing Solutions Provider

International and Local Project Launch

Experienced in Traditional Overseas events marketing and execution

Customized Video Marketing

Buyers & Clients

Pre-Sales Services

In-depth understanding of clients’ criteria and investment purpose

Customised investment strategy and advisory

Fair market pricing and safe deal structure

Individual site visits with tailor made itinerary

Hotel pickups and comfortable transportation

Detailed sales process guidance and assistance

Multilingual team that speaks over 10 languages


After-Sales Services

Packaged Furnishing and Interior Design to maximise yield

Leasing Management

Downpayment and After Completion Resales

Tax and Legal Advisory

Local Bank Account Opening

Mortgage Assistance

Upon Completion – On behalf of the client: Transfer Ownership, Defect Inspection, Unit Handover

Value Added Services

Elite Visa and Retirement Visa Assistance

Chauffeur Services and Car Hire

Migration Planning

Personal Residency Advisory


Start Investing in Tomorrow